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For animation week, we made zoetropes.  We made them from scratch (it was very precise!):

Attaching the side (excuse the messy desk!).

The zoetrope complete.

The first sequence, before inking.

Finished animations:


Week 3 – 3D Week


This week we had inductions into the 3D woodwork/metalwork room and the plaster/clay room. Plaster is so much fun to work with!

Later in the week, were given an alter-ego name. I was Agata Amira Morris. We had to create a character who we thought our alter-ego would be. I thought mine sounded like a pirate (Ag”arrr”ta). We had to make the character using textiles. I’m not very good at sewing and I broke my sewing machine during the induction!

Here I am sewing my template, not really knowing what I’m doing.  It was a bit of a disaster because I made the arms and legs too skinny so they wouldn’t turn inside out.

After a hasty improvisation, I finally managed to pull it together and finish it.  I filled it with sand, so it’s quite heavy (and I had to re-sew the seams a few times because it was leaking).  So here is Agata Amira Morris in the flesh!

Here are the alter-egos that the rest of my class produced.

Book Art

We were introduced to artists who used books to make art, and so had to think of a creative way of manipulating an old book.  I decided on making a bird, because the mechanics of opening and closing the book reminded me of wings.

Here I used a paperback and cut out the profile of a flying bird.

The second book, this time hardback, I cut out using a band saw.  This is what it looks like when opened.

My two ‘book birds’ together, suspended by wire.