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Final Design


I went on to look at the history of tea, doing a lot of research on the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  This is how the project progressed from here.  Working to a brief to produce a packaging design, I decided to design a tea box.  After researching other packaging designs, I wanted the shape to also be important, so I experimented with origami shapes to create the box.

Here is the final prototype I made:


This is a pattern for the outside of another design, that I didn’t get to make into a physical box.  It was quite complicated trying to work out where to place each part and how it would correspond when folded.  Both the inside and outside  pattern are printed back-to-back to work when folded into the box design.  I was experimenting with different colour schemes, each one representing a different type of tea.


Tea Project


This project was based on the theme ‘domestic chores’.  I was given the chore of making tea, which I had to do and document for an hour.  I then went on to work with tea stains to form the basis of the project.

I started by looking for images in the stains.  I decided to outline shapes I could see within the stains to build up an image, which enabled me to add order to the spontaneity and chaos.  Here are the results:

I thought they resembled Ancient Greek Mythology pictures.  Here, I experimented with changing the colours:

Initial observational drawings based on the tea set I used:

Drawing Granville


This afternoon we had our first life drawing session. I have done life drawing before, but only with a woman. I was at the front, so had to compose myself! It was quite an experience, and we’ll be seeing rather a lot of our model, Granville, as we are drawing him every week. We did mostly continual line drawings, so it was an afternoon of intense observation. Although they do not much resemble the human form, the most important part of learning to draw is to look, which is something I haven’t focused on before. They mostly resembled illustrative forms. It is quite hard to train your mind so that you don’t glimpse the page when you are drawing, as this counteracts the end result psychologically because you see just a scribble. The end result is, ultimately, a surprise, which is a very different way of working for me, but one that I like. I will upload some photographs of the sketches soon.